Cadillac Convertible Wedding Car 1959 Vintage

cadillac convertible wedding car

Cadillac Convertible Wedding Car – Your question – how do you bring some real old-school style and charm to your big day? Here’s our humble reply – hire on our Cadillac convertible wedding car. This car is how you roll when you want your entrance to swing with the retro style, and our service is what you want when you’re after a perfect day done up.

You’re going to have the coolest wedding on the calendar as you pull up with the top down. Set the tone for a cool, fun, happening celebration with a Cadillac convertible wedding car. Not only will you be cruising in some real bold charm, you’ll also be treated right with the assistance of one of our top-drawer trained professional chauffeurs.
Our drivers will take care of traffic routes, timing, parking, and pick-ups. Do you have any special requests? Just let us know. Making your big day bigger is not only our job, it’s also our supreme pleasure.
Cruising Around Town
Our classic vehicles aren’t just restricted to weddings. Feel like taking a ride around town to see the sites? Can you think of a better car for the job than a Cadillac convertible wedding car?
How about a ride for your teenager and his or her date to the big dance? They’ll be the coolest kids there and you can be rest assured that our trained drivers will get them there and home again safe and sound.
Here’s a great idea – do you have some kind of V.I.P. coming into town that you really need to impress? Have them picked up from the airport and shuttled to their hotel in our classic ride.
Or maybe you just want to get away from the city for a while to enjoy some scenery and some peace and quiet. Pack yourself a picnic and let us roll you out to a quiet spot where you and that special someone can spend some quality time together without having to worry about either of you having to be the designated driver for the trip home.

There’s Cool… And There’s Cadillac Convertible Wedding Car Cool

This isn’t just a car you’re hiring, it’s an attitude. Give us a call at 0420 947 199 or drop us a note and let’s get started getting you noticed.


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